Architecture lives in media. Here it needs to be cultivated with care so that it can grow and prosper in the long run, revealing its unique qualities.

Our mission, that stems from Image's twenty years of experience, is to help architects gain high-level media exposure through publications, awards, public lectures, exhibitions and events.

Do you want to get better recognition and public attention for your projects?
Make your architecture live and thrive in communication.

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Our uniqueness

We distinguish ourselves for our focused strategies, meticulous attention to detail, exhaustive follow through and strong reputation with critics and journalists at leading print and digital outlets, worldwide.

We are not simply a newswire agency. We define strategies, we develop specific press relations for our clients and are active in facilitating personal connections with journalists and influencers we engaged with over the years.

We give you back time to run your business, while we make your projects known to those media and audiences that are relevant to you, worldwide.


We develop tailored communication programs.


We are a trusted partner to each of our clients.


We make the best projects known, worldwide.


We work with both young, emerging practices and larger, more established offices.